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Christmas For Breakfast

Kung Fu Monkeys

Christmas For Breakfast


1. Arizona
2. Angel
3. Thermos
4. All the Time
5. Summer School
6. Something Good (Herman's Hermits, Goffin and King)
7. Pop Rocks and Coke
8. Office Surfer
9. Let's Go (to Pasadena to Meet Your Parents)
10. The Kung Fu Monkeys are America's Favorite Band
11. Hat's Off to Hawaii
12. Holiday in Waikiki (Kinks cover)
13. X-mas in Hawaii (Traditional)
14. Rave On (Buddy Holly cover)
15. Sandy (Grease, the Musical cover)
16. You're Like the Ketchup on My Fries
17. Kisses
18. I Miss the Ramones
19. Somebody Put Something in my Ovaltine
20. Merry Christmas I Don't Want to Fight (Ramones cover)
21. It just can't be Christmas without You
22. Santa, Please Bring Me a Surfboard
23. I'm in Love with Junior Varsity... But Junior Varsity are Destroying My Brain
24. How I Wish that I could hold you in my Arms
25. Candy Shoppe
26. I, Herman
27. I'm Buggy Over You
28. I'm Combing My Hair for You
29. My Baby Said Yeah
30. A Kiss On Your Front Stoop
31. All Systems Go (Dirt Bike Annie cover)
32. Cooking Dinner with the KFM
33. American Beach Party, USA (We're Having Christmas for Breakfast)
34. I Dig the Way that You Move
35. Welshire Station Reverie
36. Summertime in the Desert
37. Chapel Hill, Surf City
38. Kiddie Pool (Land Locked in Lubbock)
39. Candy Shoppe (Twice)
40. From Eagle Rock with Love
41. Heloise's Epiphany

CD Out Of Print

Kung Fu Monkeys Christmas for Breakfast



There are certain things in this world that need to exist. Things that without them the world feels slightly incomplete. Things that make you wonder why they haven�t made yet. �Christmas for Breakfast� is one of those things. It�s been an idea that most certainly has superceded my involvement but I always felt something was off in the world without it. I could go into stories about mastering or rejected art ideas or how continents made for difficult communication, but why don�t we all just relish the fact that the world feels more complete.


Jersey Beat by Oliver Lyons

For those in the know, this is like the ChineseDemocracy of pop punk records. A forty-one song collection of the band's singles and b-sides that's been in the works easily since thedawn of the millennium. For a band that was only 'technically' active for a short period of time, the amount of releases, record labels and members it ran through was just short of astonishing. Much respect is due to Whoa Oh Records president Jonnie for donning his Indiana Jones hat and tracking down their numerous releases and procuring the rights for them and even tapping all current and past members for hilarious liner note commentaries. For those not in the know, the Kung Fu Monkeys are "America's favorite band." Imagine if Jonathan Richman was backed by Herman's Hermits and they all moved to Hawaii together to write songs about candy. There's very few bands I'd consider you an asshole for not liking but the Kung Fu Monkeys are one of those bands. If you don't like them it's probably because you're too busy working on your mass baby grave to really pay attention. Christmas for Breakfast is the perfect place to start if you're just getting acquainted with the band and the perfect early Christmas present for us longtime fans. While KFM may only reunite for a show once every blue moon, Christmas for Breakfast is jam packed with enough toe-tapping, hula-dancing, bug-music to whet your appetite for a long, long time.

Razorcake by Maddy Tightpants

What would you get if you combined Lucky Charms, Trix, Froot Loops, and Corn Pops? Can you even imagine the musical equivalent of this tantalizing combination of sugary goodness? Ladies and gentlemen, it is rare that I am called upon to say this, but: I WOULD STOP EATING LUCKY CHARMS FOR ONE MONTH IF FAILURE TO DO SO MEANT THAT I COULD NOT LISTEN TO THIS CD TEN TIMES PER DAY! Yes, I am that serious! The Kung-Fu Monkeys exist at the intersection of Ramones Blvd. and Herman's Hermits Way! And close by, you'll find the Beach Boys cul-de-sac! This CD compiles over forty songs from out-of-print seven-inches, comps, and more! It features at least THREE of the best pop punk songs of all time: "Let's Go (to Pasadena to Meet Your Parents)," "Thermos," and "I Miss the Ramones!" When I got this CD in the mail, I actually did a dance around my a partment! Yes, I am that dumb! And I'm in love with the Kung-Fu Monkeys!

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